Facebook Ruined My Day

I woke up this morning feeling awesome. I got a good nights sleep, had some coffee, and then checked my Facebook. One post after another was just bad news. Someone was killed, someone was robbed, teens have even started playing a “game” called knockout where they pick someone unsuspecting, could be a man walking by himself or a mother with kids, and they try to knock them out with one punch. The last one really turned my stomach. This kind of stuff really bothers me, and the fact that this stuff doesn’t bother other people, bothers me even more. Seeing and reading all of this I can’t help but to think about what Jesus said in Matthew 24:12 NKJV, “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.” I feel like that is what’s happening to our world. Everywhere we look we see the lack of love for our fellow man. You can’t watch the news for more than 5 minutes without hearing something awful. I feel like we, as a nation, are growing cold. We see so much negativity that we are actually getting used to it. The good news in all of this is what Jesus said next in verse 13, “But he who endures to the end shall be saved.” We must endure. Maybe it’s the super nerd in me but a scene from The Dark Knight just popped in my head. Bruce Wayne is talking to Alfred and he asks, “What would you have me do?” Alfred replies, “Endure.” We must endure. Through all the bad in this world we must press on. We have to keep fighting the good fight. When I start feeling down, I think about the last sentence in the book of Matthew. Jesus says, “I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Jesus will never leave our side. He is ALWAYS with us. This world we live in can be a dark place, that’s why it’s up to us Christians to shine God’s light on it. 2 Samuel 22:29 NKJV, “For You are my lamp, O Lord; The Lord shall enlighten my darkness.”


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